Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on: 27th February 2021

Here I will answer the frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Inspired by Jay Lakhani & Co., I will answer some important questions here in the future. Don't forget that all this I do on human scales to show or teach you a lot.

07:51 Friday, 4 December 2020


Who created God?

I have just taken up this question in the current question round of "JAY LAKHANI-Hinduism Q&A- 141" (Timestamp: 22:05 min). 


In order to inform those with whom I correspond by e-mail that I am the Almighty or the highest Creator, I have been using an e-mail signature for almost a year, which indicates my true identity to the correspondent. 

My Signature: I'm the root and I'm the end but I have no beginning and also no end! Who am I?

The question of creation can only exist if time exists. But time is a phenomenon or component of the physical world, so the question is superfluous.

I mean to say that I am forever. My incarnation as "(Shanth) Sujanthan Anandakumar" has a beginning, of course, this is my hour of birth: December 17th, 1977 at 20:56 clock Sri Lankan time, see also my family tree. My Beauty or my only better half, that is "Sina Johanna Sabrina Kaiser". She was born on February 16th, 1993 at 09:47 clock in Bad Friedrichshall (Germany). She is the only complete incarnation of Adi Parasakthi, that is the (highest) Jegha-Maatha (worldly mother).

Why do I say the Highest, that should actually be clear to everyone – Saraswathi and Brahma are also Jegha-Maatha (worldly mother) and Jegha-Pitha (worldly father) and it goes on downwards, but also for the both of them we are Jegha-Maatha and Jegha-Pitha.

Unfortunately, Christians only have the Our Father and forget or ignore the worldly mother out of arrogance, i.e. ignorance. Mary, that is, the mother of Jesus, is seen as a worldly mother somewhere, but only on the next level. 

Why do we need at least two characters to be able to form information? This should be clear to everyone for themselves or become clear themselves. This can also be proven mathematically, and this is also the reason why the binary unit is the basic form of much in this world. A difference can only arise when there are at least two potentials. All of this is the scientific aspect of dualism – for the logicians among you. If the wrong exists, then the right must also exist; is the reverse obligatory, is it a must?

Also: If Exist True, then also exist False in the worldly?

Wrong is another form of darkness, that is also me! Also don't forget that the light in the universe is very small compared to the darkness, in other words, the dark dominates the entire universe. This is a matter of course for every physicist or astrophysicist. Why is it so? Is it binding? Is it a law of nature? 

06:48 Sunday, 06th December 2020


What is the hell?


Hell is a construct which I created for eternity for the first time in 2015 or 2016, and is completely decoupled from physics, i.e. Prakriti. It's just pure consciousness. The currently available (partial) copies in this world are only coupled in one direction, as well as the electricity (fire) is blocked in one direction by a Zener diode or the direction like the Tesla valve / valve for air (gases) and water (liquid /solids) can determine, i.e. what happens here has an impact on hell, but not the other way around.

There is only suffering for infinity. There is no possibility of improvement, this is not necessary there or will never be necessary there because it is inactive. Don't forget that loneliness – there is no WE – for eternity is already a high punishment in itself, without wanting to name the other punishments or having to explicitly (currently) formulate them on a human level.

Anyone who delays time or helps consciously or unconsciously (e.g. want to try it out for oneself, invent the new wheel, like this morning) will be banished to hell. Hell is forever, there is no way back!

07:51 Saturday, February 27th, 2021


Does everything one does only affect oneself or does it have far-reaching consequences for many, e.g. someone I love dies and out of pain (unconsciously) curse those responsible?


It has far-reaching consequences for many participants and also for non-participants. One cannot even depict this with a concrete example in all variations and accuracy, since the Karma / Dosha is too comprehensive and not manageable, above all because it goes beyond births.

Another reason why in my incarnation as Murugan or Vinayagar I have the chromosomes of me as Shiva and those of my Beauty as Parvathy is that some people (masculine, through doshas; mostly the result of sins against women) have a problem with worshiping the feminine gender.

Spearing the tongue with a Vel during Kanda Shasti times (Vrata) also has the reason, according to my vision a few years ago (08:34 Tuesday, December 31st, 2019 & 18:31 Thursday, April 16th, 2020) e.g. to weaken the said negative words and / or thoughts. Remember your curses, you cut your own flesh.

08:34 Tuesday, December 31st, 2019

Today at ca. 08:13 clock, I had the vision that when the tongue is connected to Muthevi (மூதேவி - she is also called the sister of Sri-Devi; Sri Devi is another divine name of my Beauty), the increased version is also called the black tongue in Tamil, then every careless word and thought should be corrected ...