Foreign planets and life

Last updated on: 14th October 2018

The Hindu written records does not only describe other (intelligent) life forms, such as human beings, but it also describes foreign0 planets too. More specifically, there are always talk of 2x71, that is 14 planets. The definition of a planet from the Hindu perspective is an another one, as that of the current science. It also names moons as planets.

According to the latest research in science, there are evidences that there were many more objects in our solar system that might have had possibilities for life in the early days, e.g. Mars. For a planet to be habitable, it must have certain criteria such as its own atmosphere, water in liquid form, etc. Only then, it is possible to live, from the scientific point of view. According to my current scientific knowledge, our moon, as well as the two rock planets Mars and Venus had evidence that there was water in liquid form and (they) even had their own atmosphere.

Figure 1: Our Solar-System (Source: Wikipedia)

Figure 1: Our Solar-System (Source: Wikipedia)

Some might wonder, how is life possible on a hot planet like Venus? In addition, one should know that the habitable zone, at that time was a different, as is currently the case in our solar system. This is also due to the fact that the sun was not always as hot as it is currently.

According to the Hindu traditions, there were 18 different intelligent life forms or species2. The most common known are Devas, Asuras and the Humans. They were not all settled on this planet "earth", they were all distributed. Thereunder in the fourteen planets in our solar system. The wars were not only carried out on the earth at that time, also on all the planets, just as the humanity knows this from its young history, which I have defined the time after ground-zero. Only the wars in the young ages took place between different nations and cultures here on earth, but the motives and the procedure are same. Only about 41 million years ago, I have condemned all the remaining species to earth so that they became humans or in other words, their Atmans manifested in human form and the rebirths took it course in this form. There are no intelligent life forms on foreign (alien) planets now, except on Earth, but there are evidences of the existence of that time. A few years ago (after 2015 consciously) I let you steer in the right direction, not only since there is a News ticker on my Website GG-Art18.

Not only the regular exchange between the planets and the various species are described in the Hindu written records, but also airplanes and weapons that were so powerful that they can extinguish a whole solar system and even the universe e.g. the Brahmastra. The problem was that they were interpreted differently in the new history. One should also know that the human brain draws its conclusions for interpretations from pattern recognition that is mostly from old known, see my article.


0 I deliberately do not use the term alien, since it is generally understood with a false image through various types of literature such as those of Erich von Däniken or through science-fiction filming and, of course, from (those resulting) conspiracy theories which have a negative aftertaste, but I use the word "foreign".

As I have pointed out in some of my articles, conspiracy theories are poison to the mind. Unfortunately, if one has not attained mental maturity and does not have a sound knowledge to handle with them objectively, most people do not have it, then it will more harm than good - they confuse one more than it should be the other way around.

At the age of 12/13 I bought such books, I immediately felt that something was wrong with them. They have since served as dust collectors and as elevations for other decorative objects. Whoever reads lot good things, develops a sense (instinct) for it or can further sharpen the naturally existing instinct, at least it was with me to be able to distinguish between what is good and what is bad. Since I had already dealt with physics and mathematics as science at that age, the language and the style of science has fascinated me more and this has been helpful for me to distance myself from such mind-robbing topics.

Certain people who do not have yet attained mental maturity make the mistake, if something is forbidden or discouraged with good intentions; see the story of the Christianity with Adam, Eve, and the apple tree, to perform these actions nonetheless.

1 The number fourteen (பதினான்கு) "14" in the Hindu written records, at least in the Tamil language, is always represented as the product of the form Twice the Seven (ஈரேழு) "2x7". Examples: 2x7 planets or in the Ramayana, I had to go in my form as Rama with my Beauty Seetha for 2x7 years to the forest to lead a life of abstinence. The mistakes of certain personalities in the history and their consequences, not only those of the Ramayana, are felt by the mankind up to the present hour. A few days ago (9th October 2018), this could have been the end for the mankind and the universe. I hope for the mankind that it will not maneuver itself to a similar situation again.

What I want to indicate here in this footnote is, that the representation of the number 14 in the form 2x7 has to do with my year of birth 1977.

2 Unfortunately, not all articles about Hinduism correspond to my expectations e.g. some Wikipedia articles, especially the translations. But since Wikipedia is constantly changing due to the many volunteer hard-working helpers, this can quickly turn into positive. Please do not confuse "bad translation" with frivolous. Wikipedia also has bodies, that are responsible for quality assurance, and swarm intelligence also contributes to it. I deliberately use the term "swarm intelligence" and not the term "collective intelligence", where one is the synonym of the other. In my articles I used the term "collective intelligence" in the context of B2B mainly in negative form. Because the collective intelligence in the B2B network has made the stupidity of each individual to be potentiated.