Informatics / Computer science as a subject

The (modern) informatics / computer science is a young discipline in schools and colleges worldwide. Unfortunately, there are not always didactyly correct and qualitatively good methods used in the different institutions.

I have deliberately added the adjective "modern" to make it clear that one will find the methods of the informatics in the early history, that is, up to 2500 years back and more - from our current time. One or the other will certainly ask, how should it be possible, at that time there were no computers. It shows that one has a wrong picture of computer science. Try to understand what algorithms are, then you get yourself to the solution. Also, in the pyramid building in Egypt were methods of computer science applied - from the planning to implementation you’ll find methods that one also learns in computer science studies.

It also should not be incorrectly equated with programming. Programming is only one method of many to accelerate automated processes with the help of machines, even when you are studying software engineering, which is a specialization of computer science.

Important in modern computer science and its derivatives, is to understand that hardware and software are like body and mind. One is not viable without the other, and the mathematic is the skeleton or pillar of computer science. For this reason, one should take away the artificially generated fear of mathematics. The fear of mathematics and other (STEM) disciplines is artificially and consciously staged in order to be able to control certain things.

In Germany, everyone has the free choice of profession. This is even enshrined in the Basic Law: Article § 12 of the German Basic Law. But what takes place in reality, not to let everyone study, is that some subjects like mathematics and or other subjects are abused in order not to violate the Basic Law. More specifically, the Basic Law is circumvented, as it is usually in legal cases. Therefore, "to be in right and get justice" are two pairs of shoes and the rule of law is also not a guarantee of justice, as perhaps many in Western countries sadly believed. It is even more complicated, if one takes the component of devilish activities. This is an own topic, which I have deliberately lifted for the end, so that the rule of law is not in distress.

Anyone who has read my article "Quantum physics for beginners" will understand what I am writing here. Even complicated and perhaps complex things can easy have explained, so that a schoolchild can understand that article well, at least those from senior classes.

This is not much different in other states either. If one have listened to the lectures of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, then the simplicity of the explanation is not much different than of my article. Here the hurdle is not the complicated explaining, but the gigantic amount of money in the form of tuition fees. For this reason I have written the article "Mathematics, only a language? (Part 1 + Part 2)" to show that much is linked to false anxiety. Much is artificial, even the qualities of products etc. are intentionally castrated or highlighted in the form of allocation of customers (dividing the market) in the context of the "New World Order". Here is not the article meant for the conspiracy theory, but the normal article in combination with my enlightenment activities.

I even find, dividing the market and the upcoming "New World Order" good, as long as the well-being of all is in the foreground and not the well-being of certain people, as it was mainly in the past in all countries.

This interdisciplinary enlightenment step was necessary in order to set the right course, also for the didactics of the field of computer science. To understand what is happening in the world, it is not enough to have only domain-specific knowledge, as it is or was the case with the most people. Sadly, this was also not much different with most academics. Education is very important so that all these does not repeat itself.

Simple and socially inferior classified jobs will be taken over in the future only by machines, not because man is necessarily a pity, but so that one has the time and should prepare for the right education. The wrong reason: "if all are academics, who will clear away the garbage" never really was and will not be in the future. All this is a long-standing process.

The belief that machines or other people are destroying jobs is just a political tactic or campaign of the devils and their worshipers. Much is suggested and staged to direct the mankind. The devils for their self-interest and the freemasons for the good of all.

The many combinations of legal systems and economic systems of this world were the product of a large-scale field test including the real dangers. Anyone who recognized the irony in my phrase "The Good West and the Evil East" in one of my article, will find this all easier to understand.

When reading my articles, always make sure that everything is understood correctly as it is intended by me and is not mis ununderstood thorough the (technical) manipulative interventions of the devil, which are all eradicated now, except the henchmen or in other words the donkey drivers 😉. The protection, which the (pedo.-) donkey drivers in the past had (judicially, financially, etc.) is no more longer given since this year 2018, calendar week 23, but the outgoing danger by the remaining donkey drivers is not completely eliminated.

The birth of the second sun for our solar system, as announced by me at the beginning of the second phase in 2015, takes place since the 08.06.2018, 12:52 pm (German time). The visibleness of the sun is attached to certain rules by me, but one can still prove it physically.