I will present here (individual) broadcasts, channels, magazines etc. from linear (e.g. TV programs) and non-linear or television (e.g. YouTube channels) - maybe also information material, which is mainly in written form. Of course, I cannot cover the fullness.

Many consider the brain so valuable that they do not try to make use of it. Dear people, this only causes the opposite 😉. Others, in turn, behave, I have already had ideas how to translate them into pictures (caricature or similar), but for reasons of time, here is the textual form:

Person 1
Grab in his head and get out something blubbery. "Hmm, what is this?"

Person 2
Answers "That's your brain!"

Person 1
Look at the blubbery mass again and say, "Hmm, I do not need it!" And throw it away.

Unfortunately, I have the behaviour of many, trying to represent here, little funny in two variants, although I do not feel like it. Why I am writing this has the following reason:

Although I have known and recommended most broadcasts and / or moderators for a very long time, it does not mean that you can turn off your brain, especially for current occasion. Believe me, once the interest in using your brain properly started, then you do not want to miss that anymore. You certainly do not want anyone chewing food for you?

Most formats will be in German language here, but there are also English and Tamil formats that I will recommend.

For the time being, I will make the list available in Microsoft Excel sheet format first. A good computer scientist must and should weigh everything before implementing it, so that there is no need to constantly change the format and / or concept. Because I'm not only responsible for the implementation, but - I'm the all-in-one format 😉, also in the truest sense of the word, also in terms of religions.