Brihadaranyaka-Upanishad 4.5:

You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As your desire is, so is your will.
As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your destiny.

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Last modified: 27th February 2021 (09:37 clock)

The end is now also decided by the world Elite. I have already understood the message today afternoon (09th Oct. 2018) and over the day the message have been confirmed again and again. I have already announced this at about 5 PM into the B2B Network.

Date Article
04th December 2020 4MA74 FAQ - 4MA74 [EN] (updated on 27th February 2021)
25th November 2020 Microsoft Windows Tool → NumberSasthiram 2020 v.
10th May 2020 4MA74 Video-Messages

For space reasons, storage quota almost exhausted, the video files are successively deleted from Google-Drive. Nevertheless, the most video files have been already migrated here. The existing redundancy is intentional.

26th April 2020 4MA74 Extractions from files
31st January 2020 Philosophy → Morality
07th November 2019 Computer Science → What is artificial intelligence (AI)?
21st July 2019 Important Date Google Calendar
08th August 2017 My family tree (5.1 update, 27th June 2019)
18th March 2019 4MA74 Symbol of Love v3
11th August 2018 Knowledge (updated on 30th April 2019)
→ The dispute between Nakkeerar and Shiva
26th April 2019 Television
23rd April 2019 Mathematics (updated on 19th May 2019)
Digits, numbers and numeral systems
22nd April 2019 Mathematics [The Love between ...] (updated on 23rd July 2019)
17th September 2018 4MA74 Important Date (updated on 26th May 2019)
27th September 2017 Photos (updated on 27th May 2019)
04th February 2019 The Infinity [∞]
01st January 2019 Errors in science
29th December 2018 Important Date Terminology
08th December 2018 Astrophysics
16th October 2018 Informatics for Kids
13th October 2018 Foreign planets and life (updated on 14th October 2018)
18th June 2018 Offline Version, see below → GreyBox (↓ GoTo)
17th June 2018 Informatics / Computer science as a subject
14th June 2018 SyncAndroid v1.0.2
12th June 2018 SyncUSB v1.0.0
21st May 2017 Philosophy (first update, 23rd May 2018)
20th May 2018 Quantum physics for beginners (updated on 15th October 2018)
06th April 2018 Electrical engineering (first update, 07th April 2018)
26th March 2018 What is Network Sniffing?Further sources
03rd January 2018 WinUp-Controller v.1.0.2
13th November 2017 Physics (Introduction to physics)
07th October 2017 Media Archive Database
07th October 2017 Make MyWebsite Offline: Make a local copy of my WebSite (first update, 09th October 2017)
28th September 2017 Strength training (first update, 29th September 2017)

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