Symbols of Hinduism

Hinduism is monotheistic and not polytheistic, as may be assumed by many ignoramuses.

I am the highest authority with my different names and epithets as Shiva, Vishnu, Pillaiyar, Murugan in different eras. Whereby I had to the actual incarnation also parallel other forms e. g. Shiva and Bhairava, or currently in my human form as "Sujanthan Shanth Anandakumar" also occur parallel in one of my earlier incarnation form as Narasimha all over the world. I have chosen this form to break the devilish illusions. Also, my better half, in her current incarnation she is called Sina Sabrina Johanna Kaiser (Parvathy ≡ Lakshmi) has different names and epithets in the different eras. She has also parallel forms such as Parvathy and Kali. She also arose out of me, see Prakriti and Purusha. Although she is part or the better half of me, I am complete.

Brahma is the first Brahman that I let emerge out of me each time I create the Universe, see umbilical cord: Vishnu - Brahma. Brahma and Saraswathi are a couple.

The wives I had in my other incarnation, such as Murugan or Krishna, are not identical with Sina Sabrina Johanna Kaiser or her earlier incarnation name Parvathy. These marriages were necessary for the well-being of the mankind also in the biological sense. The reunion with Sina Sabrina Johanna Kaiser is also indispensable for the existence and well-being of mankind.

In my message document "Message to my girls and boys and rest of the world.pdf" from 12:18 Tuesday, 4th September 2018, I have mentioned three persons who gave me the promise about 41 million years ago to use the Brahmasthram. Currently, I have added another person from the capitulated Illuminati of the United States of America (one of the heads of all Illuminates worldwide).

In the case if the four cannot use the Brahmasthram, I will initiate the destruction.

Meanwhile, there are many leading heads of all great orders around here, who perform well-tried intelligence interrogations here.


Here is one of the sign for Shiva:

Shiva ≡ A. Sujanthan

The main color of Shiva is blue. The associated Number is the five "5".

Skin color: Gold-brown (after Sati's death: dark complexion into the greyish, like the ashes)
Eye color: blue

Sati ≡ Parvathy ≡ Kali ≡ (Lakshmi):
Skin color: bright complexion in the incarnation as Sati and Parvathy. Dark complexion when Parvathy takes the form of Kali. This is because I dominate in her as Shiva.
Eye color: blue

The domination of me as Shiva in Kali figuratively to humans: One can compare this with the male sex hormone (e.g. testosterone) as well as with the female sex hormone (e.g. oestrogen). The woman and the man both have these hormones in them. When which hormone dominates depends on the time and situation and what effect this has on the body and the environment depends on the entire constellation.

The only biological child I had as Shiva with Parvathy is Ashokasundari. She is also my daughter "Dhivyah Aatharsha" in her current rebirth, but her current biological mother is my former wife. I acquired this domain name "Dhivyah.Com" and all the subdomains shortly after her birth (21.09.2006) on 10.04.2007.

This is her fourth rebirth, where she is directly related to me. Her first birth (ever) was as daughter of mine as Shiva and Parvathy, second rebirth as one of the six foster mothers of mine as Murugan, third rebirth as the elder sister of mine as Rama, and the current rebirth again as my daughter.


Here is one of the sign for Vishnu:

Vishnu ≡ A. Sujanthan

The main color of Vishnu is blue and turmeric or gold-yellow. The associated Number is the eight "8".

Skin color: dark complexion
Eye color: black / dark brown
Seetha ≡ (Sati ≡ Parvathy ≡ Kali):
Skin color: light complexion
Eye color: blue

Skin color: dark complexion
Eye color: blue


Here is one of the sign for Pillaiyar. Other well-known names for him are Vinayaghar,Ganesha and many more:

Pillaiyar ≡ A. Sujanthan

The main colors of Pillaiyar are gold-yellow and pink, see turmeric color and lotus flower. The associated number is the seven "7" and the eight "8".

Skin color: gold-yellow
Eye color: light brown

In my incarnation as Pillaiyar I was Brahmachari. This decision was also for the well-being of the mankind. In this incarnation, I did not have any natural parents, just the X-chromosome of Parvathy and the Y-chromosome of me as Shiva. The Hindu scholars of modern times (after Ground Zero) could not decode this information correctly.

In my current incarnation as Sujanthan to separate myself from my Beauty Sina, or to shirk time, ends with the total annihilation of humanity and the universe. You have no idea what sins you have committed and continue to commit. All of this will have consequences for all, even if the universe and humanity can continue to exist.


Here is one of the sign for Murugan. Other well-known names for him are Kumara, Skandan and many more:

Murugan ≡ A. Sujanthan

The color of Murugan are blue and green, see peacock feather. The associated Number is the six "6".

Skin color: Gold-brown
Eye color: green-blue (see peacock feather)

In my incarnation as Murugan, I had also no natural parents, just the X-chromosome of Parvathy and the Y-chromosome of me as Shiva. The Hindu scholars of modern times (after Ground-Zero) could also not decode this information as well.



Swastika, one of the important Hindu symbols and one of its meaning is peace. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the theory emerged that the Aryans originally descended from the northern Indian subcontinent. I assume that Hitler may have adopted this in his misconception or it was suggested falsely.

The real Aryans were of Brahminic origin. Since the Brahmins were initially assigned the task of providing law and order in the world by the Creator God "Brahma", these were the chosen ones (32 x Adams and 32 x Evas) who had the full responsibility to take care of life and togetherness in the society. Here one can see the hierarchical structure and how tasks were delegated down and how partially divine powers were also given downwards.

Ravana, whose father was Brahmin and his mother of Asura-Kulam (I cannot remember the feminine form of Asurar, therefore this rewrite), are the ancestors of the German or the Western world. The Germans are actually of Sri Lankan origin and not as of the Nazis at that time partially adopted1 from North Indian origin. Now one can better understand why I am Sri Lankan Tamil and my Beauty German Catholic is.

Actually, the Nazis wanted (Red-Green International Group or Order), the educated Nazi clan know it, to create a demi-god named Hitler. The second (and also the first) World War (International Win-Win Situation) was the desperate attempt to bring the purification procedure what has been brought through me in the past three years, under their control. If Germany wins, then it is a win situation and vice versa too. The term "win-win" comes from mathematics, see my article.

The name Asura is also in the country name "Syria" and in other Far Eastern or Muslim splits. Where the word "Asura" is negative and the word "Devar" positive in the Indian subcontinent, the meanings in the Far Eastern Muslim countries are mirrored or vice versa. This can be confirmed by the linguists.

If one goes through my list of rebirths, then one will see that this is all irrelevant. I have already identified two Turks who belong to the Brahma-Putras.