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  • [25th November 2020] NumberSasthiram 2020 v. NEW (↓ GoTo)
  • [12th June 2018] SyncUSB v.1.0.0 (↓ GoTo)
  • [29th December 2017] SyncAndroid v1.0.2 [updated on 14th June 2018] (↓ GoTo)
  • [03rd Februrary 2018] WindowsUpdate-Controller v.1.0.2 (↓ GoTo)
  • [14th January 2018] WinUpFix (↓ GoTo)
  • [07th January 2018] Excel Link Fix (↓ GoTo)
  • [03rd January 2018] Toggle-LAN-Status (↓ GoTo)
  • 10th November 2017] Important-Paths (↓ GoTo)
  • [09th October 2017] Make MyWebsite Offline (↓ GoTo)
  • [20th September 2017] My Cleaner v1.0.0 (↓ GoTo)
  • [19.05.2017] FW-Rules Batch Generator v1.0.0 (↓ GoTo)
  • [27.12.2016] MediaWiki DumpFile Cleaner with GUI (↓ GoTo)
  • [27.11.2016] Tor-Launcher v1.6.2 (↓ GoTo)
  • [18.11.2016] BricksEM and Lauch v1.0.1 (↓ GoTo)

Open disclaimer / MIT-license

Copyright © Anandakumar Sujanthan

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


By downloading TOOLS or files from this domain (Dhivyah.Com or Subdomains) or my Microsoft OneDrive folder, you agree to the above disclaimer or license terms.

My scripts and tools collection for Microsoft Windows Systems

When I was creating these tools / scripts, I mainly focused to implement the desired functions quickly and easily. The aesthetic of the code or any error handling, logs etc. was not so important to me, the code documentation is also held minimum.

There are many ways to archieve the same result e.g. manipulating the registry keys and values can be done with AutoIT syntax or with AutoIT but with the Windows command shell etc. Selecting the right programming/scripting language is also important. Every programming language has its own quality and weakness. Selecting the right programming/scripting language is important – to crack a nut, you can take a sledgehammer, but that is not the best way.

I have even uploaded script containing only one line e.g. The reason for that is to show you how one can automate things to save time. To achieve the same effect one can use the windows functionality but there are more clicks necessary. Two other reason to turn-off your monitor is to save current bill and expand the life span of your device.

I have cleaned up my scripts because every information which you publish can be used against you.

You have to adopt these scripts to your own needs e.g. path, IP address and/or similar things.


AutoIT is a scripting language. To run some of my not compiled script (*.au3), you have to download and install AutoIT. The installation package can be downloaded from this site:

AutoIT scripts can also be compiled to EXE, so one can run them on a computer without AutoIT. You can find more information on the AutoIT page.

Description Download Link Type

NumberSasthiram 2020 v1.0.0.0

With this program one can calculate the numerical values of one’s birth date and that of one’s name. In the Hindu tradition or Tamil Hindu astrology this is common.

The exact information can be found in the program info

The program "NumberSasthiram with GUI" has been extended by some functions and was given a new name "NumberSasthiram 2020". This programme allows a list – a simple text file, names to be calculated each in one line – with several names to be imported and these can be calculated in one go as a batch process.

If Microsoft Office 2016 is installed on the target computer, this calculation can be exported as a formatted Excel file (file extension: xlsx) or, if there is no Microsoft Office 2016 application installed, it can also be exported as a simple CSV file, which can be displayed as a table with any spreadsheet program or a simple text editor can also open this file.

An exemplary list of names (text file) is also included. 

[25th November 2020]
NumberSasthiram 2020
(Visual Studio 2013 - Projekt)

NumberSasthiram with GUI v1.0.0

With this program one can calculate the numerical values of one’s birth date and that of one’s name. In the Hindu tradition or Tamil Hindu astrology this is common.

The exact information can be found in the program info.

[21st April 2017]
(Visual Studio 2013 - Projekt)


With this tool one can "synchronize" the data between PC and a USB drive. The advantage of this tool is, that one can manipulate the files before synchronizing, what with conventional or with Windows Board's own synchronization tools such as e.g. ROBOCOPY is not possible for a good reason. Since by manipulating the files, the signature (date, name, size, etc.) of the respective file is changed and thus one of the two files (source or destination) loses its right to exist. Actually, the verb "sync" in the context of my tool is misleading and wrong.

Please read the "ReadMe.pdf" file.

[12th June 2018]
(kann erweitert werden)


With this tool, you can enable or disable the network component specified in the setting file. If you want to be offline for example, to work with my tool SyncAndroid.

The Microsoft Windows "airplane mode" feature disables only wireless (non-wired) components such as Bluetooth, wireless LAN, etc. This tool disables software side any type of component independently if wired or not.

[03rd January 2018]
(can be extended)


With this tool, one can synchronize the data between PC and Android device. To be able to use it, the setting file which is automatically generated during the first execution must be adapted to one’s own needs and circumstances. Currently only video files with the file extension .mp4 and audio files with the file extension .mp3 can be synchronized.

Version history:

v1.0.2 [14th June 2018]

  • BugFixing (Files to copy)
  • Logging and Simulating via GUI
  • Checks if the paths specified in the setting file exist.

v1.0.1 [13th June 2018]

  • BugFixing (Files to mirror)
  • Logging and Simulating for the non compiled Version
[14th June 2018]
SyncAndroid v1.0.2
(can be extended)


If you need to call same programs several times a day, you can use this batch file. Of course, you should customize this file to your needs before you use it.

If you run this batch file without customization, you will most likely get an error message because you are not using the same path as me.

This is one of many helpful ways to work with and on the computer.

This batch file (script) is more useful when it is called with a keyboard shortcut. In order to call this script via a shortcut (e.g. "CTRL + F5"), you need a program or TOOL/Script package like that of c't (ac'tivAid).

Info about ac’tivAid:

[10th November 2017]


(must be adjusted)


With this tool, one can bypass the forced-update of Windows 10. It is not advisable, especially in the current situation, to install all updates. Some updates may cause side effects in a special constellation.
In a company, this forced-update procedure does not normally occur because only from the company allowed updates can and should be installed.


  • To run this tool Admin rights are required.

When running for the first time, this tool downloads two files (Troubleshooter Packages) from the Microsoft server

Version history:

v1.0.2 [03rd Februrary 2018]

  • BugFixing

Please read the new ReadMe file

v1.0.1 [31st January 2018]

  • WinUpFix integrated

If the button "Clean Exit" is pressed, then by deleting the "Windows Task" for Windows Updates, in addition the "Windows Update Service" also will be deleted.

v1.0.0 [06th November 2017]

Update [14th January 2018]

After releasing this program for download, another measure was taken to circumvent my Windows Update procedure.

That's why I offer this fix. You can delete the service completely with the "Delete WindowsUpdate.bat" script, so that no updates can be installed. With the other script "Create WindowsUpdate.bat" and "Windows Update Service.reg" you can undo the deletion of the service. Only execute the scripts (file extension: * .bat).

This procedure is only recommended for experienced users.

The suggested security increase when patching the hardware bug against "Meltdown & Specter (articles in German) → GoogleSearch" - here everyone should make his or her own opinion, if this is really necessary, with the background that it comes on average to 10% performance losses. If there is also an SSD in the system, there will be further performance losses.

The philosophy regarding Windows Update in general, since Windows 10 is really perverse, as well as the patch against "Meltdown & Specter". No further (written 😉) comments ...

[03rd Februrary 2018]

WinUp-Controller v1.0.2

[14th January 2018]

[Bug Fix on: 14th January 2018]

(can be extended)

Make MyWebsite Offline:

Only for Microsoft Windows 7 and above (with PowerShell, normally it ‘ll be already installed on your system)

By double clicking on this batch-file. It’ll download the latest „wget.exe” for Windows and ask you, which of my Website (Dhivyah.Com or WordPress.Dhivyah.Com) you are going to save locally to your hard disk, so you can view the Website locally without to be online or having an internet connection

Be aware that this local copy of my website wouldn’t be updated automatically if I update my online version. Compare the latest updated date and time on the start page of my website with the local copy, then you can be sure, that the local copy is also up to date. To have the latest version, you’ve to run this script again!

[09th October 2017]



My Cleaner v1.0.0:

This tool cleans the directories specified in the setting-file. You can also delete a complete directory tree and / or create a directory tree.

It also deletes the local Firefox databases.

There is also, if I remember correctly, an Open-Source Tool BleachBit, originally initiated by IBM, which is also available for other platforms such as Linux.

[20th September 2017]


(can be extended)

FW-Rules Batch Generator v1.0.0:
This tool generates a Windows batch file to create Firewall rules.

The settings file will be generated during the first run of this tool. You must specify the location to search after the EXE files as well as the prefix and the batch filename.

Important (Setting: ExePath):
It will include all the EXE files in the specified location into the batch file, including all those which are in the subfolder of the specified path.

If everything is configured correctly, you restart this tool again and it will automatically generate a batch file. This batch file must be run with Admin rights so that the rules can be added to the Windows firewall.

All EXE files are blocked from outgoing communication.

Additional information:


FW-Rules Batch Generator v1.0.0 (zip-File)

(can be extended)

MediaWiki DumpFile Cleaner with GUI

You can use this tool to free the backup/dump file of Media Wiki from old neglected deposits. For example, if you only have the XML dump file of Mediawiki without images - you can remove the links to the images.

This tool I have zipped as a Visual Studio 2013 project. Easily extract and import into VS2013.

Step-By-Step instruction for Wiki installation:


MWDumpCleaner with GUI v1.0 (zip-File)

(Visual Studio 2013 - Project)

MediaWiki DumpFile Cleaner

You can use this tool to free the backup/dump file of Media Wiki from old neglected deposits. For example, if you only have the XML dump file of Mediawiki without images - you can remove the links to the images.

This tool I have zipped as a Visual Studio 2013 project. Easily extract and import into VS2013.

Step-By-Step instruction for Wiki installation:


MW-Dump-Cleaner v1.0 (zip-File)

(Visual Studio 2013 - Project)

BricksEM and Lauch:

No installation necessary - unpack and use it.

Because my tablet also sometimes runs as a media server and Kodi unfortunately does not have the possibility (or I have not found it) of temporarily disable the windows energy management, I have developed this tool, which temporarily overrides the energy options so the tablet does not go into suspend or energy saving mode and thereby Kodi interrupts the streaming.

Version history:

v. 1.0.1:
Randomizing media files - some TVs do not support a random function (mostly for videos) when accessing shared media files via UPnP/DLNA.

Rename the old settings file if you have used a previous version of this tool and create a new default settings file with this TOOL. For trial, first copy some media files into a temporary directory.

It is generally advisable to back up the system and your own files before installing and using new SW, at least those files that the new software manipulates!


BricksEM and Lauch v1.0.1 (zip-File)

(can be extended)


This tool creates and sorts the programs in the Windows Start Menu. The category names as well as the programs to be sorted must be specified in the settings file.

Unfortunately Windows does not offer such an important function out of box. If you have lot of programs / apps installed on your system and have searched for a program or an app, you can understand this best. Starting with Windows 10, Microsoft offers the possibility to jump to the desired program with the initial letter - but if you do not know the name of that program, you have through all apps/programs in the start menu.

Furthermore many installation routines automatically create the program and app shortcuts in the root of the Start Menu directory and after each update of the respective program you have to manually sort all categories again, even if you have already categorized them manually after the first installation.

Once you have configured this tool correctly, you can do it all with one click.

Please read the ReadMe file!

This tool is an upgrade of the my script "MakeStartMenu.au3" which you can find below section.


SortWinSM (zip-File)

(can be extended)


Installs Tor as an NT service and starts the browser specified in the setting file.

For detailed information read the "ReadMeFirst" text file. I have already compiled this tool to exe file, so one can try it without installing AutoIT.

For programmers, I recommend the following book about patterns:

  • Software design pattern (Addison-Wesley, von Gang of Four [GoF], ISBN-13: 978-3-8273-2199-2)

Version history:


  • minor fixes


  • Singleton Pattern
  • Bug Fixing


  • Usability
  • Saves current slection
  • Generate default setting file


  • non Admin Mode,
    • See the following topic ACL


Tor-Launcher v1.6.2 (zip-File)


(can be extended)

Cleans the notification area. The info area can be found at the bottom right of the taskbar. AutoIT

Firefox launcher is a tool which helps to launch different profiles at the same time or to start the profile manager.


(must be adjusted)

Erstellt kategorisierte Menu Struktur, so dass man seine Programme in die (gewünschte) passende Kategorie hineinziehen kann.

Windows out of the box is not able to categorize the programs in the Start menu like some Linux distributions do it. With many programs, it is hard to memorize all program names. Here a categorized sorting makes sense. From Windows 8, this categorization unfortunately no longer brings the desired effect, as it was possible up to Windows 7.

From Windows 8 upwards, only directory depth of one level is possible for displaying. For example if you sorted the program like this way:
Start menu → Category 1 → Category 1.1 → … → Program

Windows Start menu look like this:
Start menu → Category 1 → Program

You can sort the tiles of course manually, I have not found an automated way till yet.


(can be extended)

This tool allows you to switch between different networks.


(must be adjusted)

As the file name implies, this tool cleans all files and directories specified in the tool e.g. temp folders etc. AutoIT

For initial setup of Windows, so you do not have to manually set each individual switch.

For Windows installation on a classic hard drive (HDD).
Windows-First-Installation-(HDD).zip AutoIT

For initial setup of Windows, so you do not have to manually set each individual switch.

For Windows installation on a Solid-State-Drive (SSD).
Windows-First-Installation-(SSD).zip AutoIT
This script creates a text file on the desktop with all the information about the specified drive, such as the physical / logical sector size of a partition etc. Batch
Drive benchmark (HDD / SSD / USB-Stick / ...) Batch
Sets the NX bit. Opt-In or Opt-Out. You can find out more about DEP (Data Execution Prevention) on the Internet. Batch

Put the screen into stand-by mode. One needs an external tool "nircmd.exe". In the environment variable, the path of the file must be specified for the call to work.

Helpful is the program act’ivaid / AutoHotkey. You can call the script by keyboard shortcut. Batch