Electrical engineering

Last updated on: 13th May 2018

Electrical engineering is an engineering discipline that deals with the research and development of electrical appliances. If one understands the five basic terms such as voltage (potential difference between two points), current, resistance, capacity and frequency, then one can understand the basis in the field of electrical engineering much, especially B2B.

To understand electromagnetism, one should also need two more terms the magnetism and the field, so we would be at 5 + 2 (= 7) terms to make each of the operation of electrical equipment well understandable. If one sees into the range of the electromagnetic spectrum or electromagnetic wave spectrum, then one quickly realizes that for the human eye the visible light is also contained in the electromagnetic wave spectrum. It lies in the wave range between 780nm (780 × 10-9 meters = 78 × 10-8 meters → Color red has lower energy compared to blue) to about 380nm (380 × 10-9 meters = 38 × 10-8 meters → Color Violet (Blue) is more energetic than the color red) wavelength.

The radio (DAB, FM, MW), the TV (DVB-T & Satellite), mobile radio, wireless router, cordless phones, wireless garage door opener, radio car key, biometric passport & ID card (RFID), contactless payment (debit / credit card) , Radio systems (amateur / police radio), Bluetooth, NFC (even only RFID), cordless telephones, etc. use the electromagnetic wave spectrum of different wavelengths to exchange information between transmitter and receiver. The devices listed here can communicate in one direction (e.g. radio reception) or in both directions, i.e. bidirectionally (e.g. WLAN routers, radio systems).

The inductive charging of mobile phones, cars, etc., which was already researched and discovered by Nikola Tesla a century ago but has only been known to the public for a decade (I mean the technique), uses the principles of electromagnetism.

The word "wave" is included in the term "electromagnetic wave". This indicates that the electromagnetic wave also has characteristics of waves.

Figure 1: Linearly polarized electromagnetic wave in vacuum. (Source: Wikipedia)

Figure 1: Linearly polarized electromagnetic wave in vacuum. (Source: Wikipedia)

If one can visualize water waves visually and understand the principles, then one can easily understand electromagnetism. Acoustic waves also have wave characteristics. Attention, acoustic wave (sound wave) is not an electromagnetic wave. Acoustic wave needs a medium such as air to spread, but the electromagnetic wave needs no medium. In addition, the electromagnetic wave has also characteristics of particles. That is why electromagnetism also refers to wave-particle dualism.

For the public, it goes without saying that the visible light, i.e. an electromagnetic wave, is detected by the human eye and interpreted by the brain (occipital lobe).

At the beginning of the purification procedure, B2B was fairy tale for many (to understand B2B, see on my other web presence), later the time span where B2B was technically possible and at last that this is even natural given like the seeing and hearing. Was this behavior of the mankind not foolish? Especially from scientists, academics etc.? Was it their arrogance which made them blind?

Anyone who has already received my thoughts while composing this text, can better understand the numbers 78 and 38 of the visible light 😉.

The non-compliance with conformity rules leads to disruptions or unwanted side effects of electrical systems and equipment. This is even legally punishable. Anyone who understands the principles of electrical engineering can manipulate devices remotely without that these devices being intended for wireless operation.

The hi-fi (audio system) enthusiasts among you, also know that wired power supply of electrical appliances can affect each other. For such enthusiasts there are special power sockets with mains filter, which is interposed between consumers and the power socket so that the potential of a high-quality audio system is not negatively influenced by other devices.

It is not without reason that there are different authorities in each country which are responsible for regulating and monitoring frequencies and technical equipment etc. As I already have touched in some of my articles on "GG-art 18", the possibility is also given by the electromagnetic wave that people and the environment can be adversely affected. Many diseases, mutations, deaths can be caused by this. No, this is not a panic mongering, it is primarily intended to serve the Enlightenment, and so that the 3+1 [(legislative, judiciary, executive) + press/media] Pillars of a constitutional state fulfill their real task for the well-being of all and not for the well-being of certain people.

A concrete example, look at the spinal nerve of a human being. Of course, if one knows what this is all about, one can stimulate it externally and trigger some reactions. Of course, the symptoms that are triggered look good, even for a medical specialist, if you do not know that this has been triggered remotely by technical aids. Now imagine a wonderful Artificial Intelligence (AI), which acts (by chance) according to a certain pattern with the help of collective intelligence or has acted in the past. Even the collective intelligence, if I had not intervened, would have been completely redundant in the future.

Since I constantly scan the environment at my home, I know from which objects the attacks are executed here and how sometimes the attachments are linked to an array in order to focus the attack even better.

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